Gantzert Investment Company is focused on providing investment management services to individuals, in which we make all the investment decisions based on your specific goals and objectives. Everyone’s situation and circumstances are unique, and we believe it is important to cover all the bases when developing a long-term investment plan. This includes examining your current situation, setting financial goals, and monitoring your progress. 

Our initial meeting is to get acquainted and spend time discussing what you expect from our services. There is no cost or obligation at this meeting. You will learn more about how we can help you and determine if our firm is the right fit for you. 

Our next meeting begins with a rigorous analysis of your existing portfolio holdings. We will mutually define your investment goals and objectives, understand your time frame, and make sure your assets are appropriately allocated and invested consistent with your overall risk tolerance. Once we have determined your investment objectives, we will build your portfolio in line with those objectives by utilizing marketable common stock and fixed income securities.